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Naxtech: Technology + Marketing = Results


Founded in 2005 in Reading (UK) Naxtech is an internet service provider focusing on helping businesses grow, increase profitability, while attracting new customers via the effective use of technology and internet marketing.

We focus on being honest, practical, and straight to the point. The result comes first; not technology, budget or accepted practice.

We work across different market sectors, such as: pharmaceuticals, tourism/travel/ hospitality, financial services, insurance, recruitment, property, entertainment, retail, ecommerce and local government. Our services and experience in these sectors extends to both small and large organisations.


Our services consist of only two services: web development and online marketing (organic search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing) which in turn contain a wide range more specialist services such as system integration, online payments, reservation systems, nike blazer uomo GDS representation, and more.

Naxtech is also able to deliver multilingual SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in a variety of languages such as Italian, French, Greek, Chinese and is able to promote businesses online internationally. We also ensure that your SEO activities match your overall marketing strategy.


In areas where we are not specialists, we actually work with specialists to provide you with the best results while keeping things simple for you by having a single point of contact. For instance, for the distribution of PR (especially internationally) we work with the world’s two largest PR agencies via which we can provide distribution virtually in any country often in the country’s native language.   


Please note that we do not have exclusive partners and as such we can pick and choose the best elements of each one and provide what is best for YOU rather than give you what a specific supplier wants to sell.  Our priority is to give you the best possible result while at the same time decreasing or even eliminating ongoing costs.

Naxtech are a Microsoft and an IBM partner. We use this access to support and resources to provide you with a comprehensive solution.


Don’t take our word for it. Our satisfied customers are proof of our world-class talent, resources and energy. We are also unique in aiming to provide high-end corporate services and quality combined with the flexibility and lower costs a small business can offer. We always help you achieve your goals.


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Reasons to choose Naxtech




  1. Aims to be honest, practical, and straight to the point.  The business benefit is the key; not technology, budget or accepted practice.

  2. Proven expertise in providing business-focused internet solutions.

  3. We have100% commitment to results and our customers.

  4. We are Microsoft and IBM partners, with access to their technical support, products and services.

  5. Focuses on meaningful and long-term results and relationships.

  6. We Look at the whole of your business and not just search engines or programming.

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