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Case study - SEO Research, Email/Online marketing

A lot of the work we do is confidential so we are unable provide details but below is an example of what we can deliver.


healthcare network communications - digipharm

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Client:  Health Network Communications

- Events and Conferences
- Digital Marketing
- Pharmaceuticals / Healthcare
- UK

- Belgium

- France

- Germany

- Switzerland


What do Healthnetwork Communications do?
The client is a well known conference organiser in the sector of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare. They organise large events throughout the world, including the UK..


What did they need?
HC understand that their business relies on effective promotion and that the website is an integral part of that strategy. They wanted to see how they could further increase their marketing effectiveness and engaged Naxtech.


What did Naxtech do?
We carried out a website healthcheck and commentary based on the client’s marketing plan.  As a result we identified that the site was not being returned in searches for some of the client’s products and that some geographic locations were producing little traffic.  We monitored the website and helped the internal marketing team increase the visibility and help generate improvements in digital marketing.  nike free run 3 We also supplied the client with a detailed list of prospects for an email marketing campaign. The client also engaged us to look at their competitors and provide intelligence on the best ways to build links and promote the site. 


What was the result?

Upon project completion the website and email marketing campaign helped generate new leads and attract new delegates. The client's marketing team also realised improved brand awareness across several event websites, while adjustments were also made into how all event websites were made going forward. The client was impressed and has now engaged us again to further increase customer traffic and create new leads.


What Services did we supply?
Email marketing, Multilingual SEO, SEO Research, Website Healthcheck and Competition Analysis Studies.





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