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A lot of the work we do is confidential so we are unable provide details but below are some examples of the type of projects we have worked on which we can talk about.



greek seo and greek web design

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Client: Visit Greek Islands


- Hospitality
- Tourism

- Greece

greek seo


Client:  Visit Greek Islands 

What do they do?
Visit greek Islands is “front-end” website to drive business to private landlords and hotels


What did they need to do?
Traffic on the website was too low and some hotel owners were seeing few enquiries


What did Naxtech do?
We integrated their CRM system and automated elements of their marketing plan, revamped the website's front-end and enhanced the back-end with innovative and new functionality relating to marketing automation and system integration.


What was the result?
After integration of CRM system and marketing automation (advertised hotels are automatically ordered in order or from least-seen to most-seen) and optimisation of the website in both English and Greek, nike free 4.0 the client’s customer base increased three-fold from 100 to over 300 hotels. This effectively tripled sales (an increase of 200%).  The website was also mentioned as a good-example of online marketing at the Travel Distribution Summit Europe conference in London.

What Services did we supply?
Web Design, CRM Integration, SEO





link buildingClient:  IOZOO

Naxtech were commissioned to create the strategy, both technically and in terms of online marketing, for Iozoo, one of the oldest and most respected SEO-related link directories, actively helping websites increase their page rank.
Naxtech was the supplier of choice for SEO (search engine optimisation) consultancy and was chosen to assist with the rebuild of this online, respected and popular resource.  All planning it was produced with a worldwide audience in mind while at the same time there was a strong focus on recurring revenue and good onling customer service.
Over 6000 websites were added to the site's database within a very short period of time, while the conversion rate increased by 67% and raising not only recurrding revenue levels but also the quality of service and website response times.






naxos hotelsClient:  Oasis Studios
Services:  Web development, SEO
Achievement:  The redesign and development of the client’s website along with useful, practical and optimised content led to an increase of bookings by 80% in a short period of time.  Also the client’s website was shortly after mentioned in trade and tourism publications such as Lonely Planet, tourist guides and national newspapers.  The entire project cost under £6000 so the client was extremely happy with the return on investment and we were invited back to plan the expansion of the website along with online bookings, online payments and the introduction of multiple languages.





paros hotels and studiosClient: Margarita Studios
Services:  Web development, SEO, Social Media marketing integration
Achievement:  Within 2 weeks of completion the newly developed and optimised site started to generate results and traffic.   Bookings for the hotel and enquiries for weddings and cooking courses increased by 30% while the integrated social media engagement of the website increased its marketing visibility by 50% without any additional spend. The entire project cost under £6000 so the client was extremely happy with the return on investment and we were invited back to discuss  the expansion of the website in conjunction with other online marketing activities.





timber tradeClient: Touratzis Timber
Services:  Web development, Multilingual SEO, Interactive Tool (, Google custom-search integration
Achievement:   We carried out a website healthcheck and commentary based on the client’s marketing plan.  As a result we identified that the site was not being returned in searches for the client’s products and were producing little traffic.  We monitored the website and helped the internal marketing team rewrite both the copy on the website and the code behind the website to increase the visibility and help direct the buying behaviour in Greece and Eastern Europe.   The client also engaged us to integrate custom-search functionality (Google based) and also create an interactive online tool to help customers see how different types of wood  change the appearance of their living space.   The project, which cost less than £6000, immediately generated sales and provided practically immediate ROI.   The client was very impressed and now engaged us again to increase customer traffic and create new leads. 






RDF Media Group (UK)

The RDF Media Group is a group of companies that creates, acquires and distributes compelling television content. With client names such as Channel 4, Sky One and ABC and well-known TV programmes (wife swap, shipwrecked, location-location-location, don't forget the lyrics) the company required a new web design template which meets web accessibility standards and can integrate with the company's content management system. Naxtech assisted in the provision this new web design template.

iwc - web design and developmentrdf - - web design and development

  rdf media web design

Project "Verify" (UK / Kenya)

Project "Verify" is a new pilot system to be potentially used by the Kenyan government. The system aims to provide automated checks for car history, background and financial checks. Online payments and reporting are also an intergral parts of the system, which was designed to meet strict performance and accessibility standards. Naxtech is responsible for the design and development of this project.


Visit Santorini (China)

Visit Santorini is a tourist guide to the island of Santorini. The aim of this project was to expand the audience of the website to cover not only the western world but also asia, and China in particular. With that in mind, Naxtech was responsible for the effective translation and search engine optimisation of the website as well as its promotion on Chinese search engines such as Baidu and


  chinese tourism portal

Two Left Feet (UK - Charity)

Two Left Feet are a voluntary organisation committed to introducing dance in a new, exciting and fun way to people from all backgrounds and with all abilities. The styles of dance taught varies and there are regular weekly events. With that in mind, TwoLeftFeet required a new website with the ability to self-manage the content, a voice-enabled menu and a mailing list for communicating with members and visitors.

  uk charity

Pesa Transfer (Kenya, Africa)

Incorporated recently in the UK, Pesa Transfer was founded to provide a simple and cost-effective money transfer service to Kenyan residents in the UK.

Naxtech developed a complete custom system which was able to handle and track payments, SMS messages, semi-automated workflows and deal with user, registration and password management.

  money transfer kenya

Municipality of Paros (Greece)

Naxtech hosted the website of the Municipality (Local Government) of the island of Paros for a number of years, and provided adhoc reporting and technical support to the local government's IT department.


Paris Ceramics (USA)

Paris Ceramics are suppliers of fine tiled floors with offices in the United States as well as in the United Kingdom. Naxtech developed the functionality of the company's new website, enhanced the menu system and provided basic search engine optimisation features by exposing the various sections of the site to search engines.


  paris ceramics

Euric (Germany / Greece)

Euric AG is one of the leading distributors for mobile computing accessories. Based in Germany, it recently expanded in the Greek market where it established Euric Hellas. Naxtech is responsible for the design, web hosting and setup of the content management system of Euric Hellas and provides adhoc technical support and consultancy.

  gps gadgets distributor

ArchRender (Italy)

ArchRender is a 3D Rendering service company based in northern Italy near Milan.

With a unique combination of targetting local and international markets, ArchRender chose Naxtech to create its internet web presence with a focus on website performance and search engine optimisation aimed at the company's local market.


  architectural rendering

Petalouda Art Gallery (Greece / France / Germany)

Opened in 1998, is an Art Gallery that present paintings, etchings, sculptures and ceramics by Greek and International artists. It also has a regular presense in International excitibitions in France and Germany. Naxtech developed the gallery's website using the unique CMS Afroditi content management system, which enables self-management of the website.

  art gallery web design





santorini bikesClient: Santorini Bikes
Services:  Web development, SEO
Achievement:  We carried out the development and SEO for the client’s website based on the client’s marketing plan which focused on the trilogy of:  speed, simplicity, performance.  (simple to use website,  fast to lead on the customer’s screen, and good performance SEO-wise in terms of focusing on SEO and avoiding ongoing costs required by activities like PPC (payperclick)).   The entire project cost under £5000 and paid for itself within 3 months, so the client was extremely happy with the return on investment and now engages us regularly for further recommendations and consultancy.




Client: Anna Platanou
Services:  Multilingual SEO (Italian, English, German, Greek, French)
Achievement: This was a difficult project as the requirement was to considerably increase the ranking of the website in English, Greek, Italian, German and French but without changing any of its visual aspects.   We worked with the hotel’s management and internal IT team to formulate the best way moving forward.   The project was a great success with the hotel being on the very 1st page of search results for its target search terms and enjoying a continuous stream of bookings which increased sales by 55% from Italy, France, Germany, Greece and English-speaking countries.    The client is very happy with the results and now engages us on a regular basis to further improve its online marketing activity




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