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Content Management Systems - CMS Adroditi


When it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS) we do not work exclusively with only one of them. We work with clients to understand their goals and needs, based on which we can then make an informed decision as to which is the best solution.


Due to increased demand in the small and medium business sectors Naxtech has developed its own brand of CMS, namely CMS Afroditi. There certainly are numerous CMS systems in the market including free ones such as Joomla and Wordpress (which is actually blog software rather than a CMS) which have several components and features which can be added to them. However, all of them are not easy enough for the "common user" nike free 3.0 prezzo to use and are not very easy to customise unless there exist ready-made components. So to resolve these issues and offer a flexible yet extremely simple system we created CMS Afroditi.


CMS Afroditi is a content management system, powerful and user-friendly, mainly aimed at small nusinesses and but also appropriate for firms and organisations of all sizes who are in need for a very flexible yet simple system to manage their website.


Features and benefits:


  1. Friendly to search engines: Search engines "read" your website's content, and classify it based on the keywords and phrases chosen by you
  2. Extremely easy to use: Create the content of your website just like you do with a Microsoft Word document.
  3. Instant changes to your website: You can change your website yourself. Update without paying a developer.
  4. Respond to competition and market trends: update your website instantly, making use of seasonal offers or new content and pricing
  5. Flexible site design: Change the look and feel using a template. Updates will be made right across the site.
  6. Cost Effective: No recurring fees, no maintenance fees, no web developers to pay.
  7. Customisable: Your website can be customised using the features and functionality of the content management system.


CMS Afroditi is NOT a commodity product. It is a customisable solution aimed at small businesses. In summary:


  1. It allows non-technicians to control content and structure
  2. Businesses do not have to pay for someone to make changes for them
  3. The system is search engine friendly
  4. Extremely flexible in terms of design changes and
  5. it can also be configured to support any language you can think of, from Arabic and Greek to Chinese and Italian.


CMS Afroditi is specifically for SMEs (small and medium enterprises).. It strikes a balance between design flexibility, ease of use and management, and search engine optimisation. You could copy and paste the files on your PC and the website would still work. There's no need for database setups, etc. It can even be customised to work with flash and many other products.

There are a variety of CMSs (content management systems) which are open-source and free, but they do not address the needs of the small business user who is looking for an easy and effective way to manage his/her site.

CMS Afroditi responds to specific needs in the small business market and is not appropriate for every type of website. However, for it is an excellent offering for the small business market.
It starts from £795 and pricing includes:

  • custom web design
  • content management system
  • submission to search engines



You may find some real-life examples interesting.


CMS Afroditi - Demo
Site Design:

Admin System:



DEMO Instructions:


  1. Go to: - You will be asked for a username and password. That's "admindemo" for both (without the quotes). That will take you to the administration area in which you can control the content and menu structure of the site.

  2. One of the top options on the left is "New Section". Use that to create a new section: give it a title, description, etc and put in any content you want. You can even copy and paste things from other websites if you want. Once you are done with the changes, click the 'save changes' button...and that's it.

  3. Then click on the 'Live Website' link on the left and see what the live website looks like. You will notice that the changes you made are there!!!



The CMS Afroditi administration system.  - Just like writing a Word document.  Results of using the CMS Afroditi  content management system
Use "CMS Afroditi" to edit your website's structure and content with ease.

We are certain you will find our system very interesting.  If you have any comments we would be happy to hear from you.


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