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Video streaming in any way and anywhere you want it.

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Streaming: Audio/Video/Live - TV, Radio, Events


Webcasting / Streaming.  How it generally works.Streaming and Webcasting in general has been prohibitive to businesses for a long time due to its high cost. But as technology evolves, Naxtech uses it to minimise marketing costs.


With that in mind, Naxtech is able to offer streaming and webcasting solutions for:


  • On-demand presentations, video, audio.
  • Live Radio Broadcasting
  • Live or On-Demand Television.
  • Email marketing newsletters that include audio or video.

The webvasting/streaming services we can deliver include:


Live Streaming

  • Internet TV/radio stations
  • Live events streaming
  • Corporate meetings
  • Conferences/Events


On Demand Streaming

  • Multimedia delivery
  • Multimedia archives
  • Band and music web sites
  • Content delivery & "Heavy Media"
  • Corporate addresses/meetings
  • mpeg downloads
  • Podcast support


StreamThru - Port 80 Streaming

  • Larger audience base
  • Firewall friendly
  • Professional stations



  • Country specific access to content
  • Limited broadcasting territory
  • DRM by geographic locale


Wowza Flash Streaming

  • An Affordable Alternative for a
    Flash Streaming Server!
  • Wowza is Compatible with Flash®
    Media Applications
  • SHOUTcast Re-streaming
  • Embedded Player Support
  • Universal Browser Compatibility
  • Both Live and On-Demand Content
  • Interactive and Advanced
    Flash® Media Applications
  • High Volume Distribution for
    Large Media Projects


Distributed Streaming Solutions

  • Internet TV stations -- 24/7 long-form
    content (live or pre-recorded)
  • Live events (sporting events, concerts,
    breaking news, live talk shows, etc.)
  • Custom designed online "TV" players
    incorporating your logo and brand
  • Excellent QoS (Quality of Service)
  • Highly scalable
  • Easy setup

Subscription Streaming

  • Pay-Per-View stations
  • Internet TV/radio stations
  • Private live audio and video streaming applications
  • Private live events
  • Password protected content

Single Event Streaming

  • Live events
  • Live audio and video streaming
  • Single day services
  • Corporate addresses/meetings


Unlimited Streaming

  • Uncommited streaming limits
  • Unexpected audience surges
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Variable media requirements


Podcast Hosting

  • Video podcasting
  • Audio podcasting
  • RSS audio Feeds
  • Subscriber based content
  • Distributing original recordings







Example requirement:

You want to send an email newsletter to 9,000 healthcare professionals, which includes a promotional video, presentation or broadcasting of event. But:

  • to include a video would make your newsletter ineffective as it would take too long to download, or it would be rejected by email servers.
  • to link to a video file stored on your web server, will flood your server with traffic which may not be able to handle and could make your website/server practically unusuable.


The Naxtech solution:

  • A results-measurable email campaign combined with
  • A video streamed by a media server in various formats and playable on several devices



  • Measureable campaign performance.
  • Business Intelligence: Know who is interested in what.
  • A video streamed by a media server in various formats
    • Leaves your website or server to serve users without interruptions.
    • Provides an easy and smooth presentation of your message.
    • Increases prestige for your business and your services or products.

Various providers will quote you very high, or even very low, costs for a streaming solution. But we do things differently:


For Naxtech the result comes first; not the technology, not the budget and not custom or practice. Because all that matters is the results that your business will see.


So we work based on your requirements, objectives, and budget to create a streaming solution that is reliable, professional and will help you to achieve your business goals.


Freel free to contact us to see how we can help.

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