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Copywriting and content generation
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Copywriting and Content Generation


Useful and pratical content on a website has multiple benefits including search engine rankings, SEO (search engine optimisation) and pratical usefulness for the target audience.


At Naxtech we can generate content relevant to your topic of interest while at the same time considering elements such as SEO, clarity and relevance.


Some of the areas we have work on extensively in this area are writing and content generation for businesses in the sectors of Travel/Hospitality/Tourism and Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology.



Travel Writing

When it comes to writing about tourism, travel and hospitality we excel. Our writers have a significant amount of writing experience while some of them are even ex head-editors of travel publications who not only are able to create the right content in the right style, but are also able to write your press release and make sure it's seen by their contacts in the industry.



Medical Writing (English, Greek, Chinese)

Medical writing or writing on medical and pharmaceutical topics is another service we can provide, with a focus on regulatory compliance. Not only is the writing performed by qualified healthcare professionals, doctors, and biologists who have the skills and medical knowledge required but the service can be provided in multiple languages including Greek and Chinese.



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