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Web Analytics - Business Intelligence online/offline


As online channels evolve beyond traditional web interactionsso does the need for web analytics to bring together customer interaction information and business intelligence.


With analytics you can track each visit and action on your website and provide you with data interpretation tools to help answer your specific business questions, such as:


  1. What marketing channels, campaigns and keywords are providing the most leads, biggest orders, and best return on investment?
  2. What are my top performing products and product categories?
  3. Who is taking actions on my site and who should I re-target?
  4. Where are there opportunities to improve my online sales funnel and conversion rate?
  5. What are my customers’ online interests, and how do they differ by search engine, keyword, property and product?


At Naxtech we use analytics in several ways such as SEO (search engine optimisation) and understanding customer behaviour and trends. But instead of always relying on what is offered via specific branded solutions we are also able to offer more insight, often via integrating analytics to previously "hidden" parts of your system. For instance we can integrate Google eCommerce in Google Anlalytics and offer insights into customer buying behaviour.


What's more we can use raw web server log files and data to generate analytics reports manually, by utilising "real-activity" data from the web server itself.


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