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results and performance based SEO services

You pay nothing at all, zero...until we get you on Page-1 of Google's search results.

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Results and performance based SEO services


Search engine optimisation is plainly known as your business appearing on the first page of Google or a search engine when your customers are looking for relevant products and services. It is all related to the visibility of your business online.


As part of our SEO services we are now offering customers to be able to pay nothing until you are listed on page-1 of Google search results. If we are not succesful you don't pay. If we don't keep you on page-1 you pay nothing.




How does our results-based SEO work


  1. Identify "Killer Phrase". We advise and agree the Killer Phrase - the search term that the project will tackle. Examples: "Car Hire Portugal" for source UK and "Portugal alugar" for source Portugal. Deriving from the Killer Phrase, we work with you to identify words and terms that support that killer phrase. Location names and price-related terms (eg Cheap, Value, Offer) are likely to be identified during this process. In highly competitive markets, your competitors are obviously competing with you on similar terms. We research this and consider the value of adding previously unconsidered terms to your key words array. So in the end we agree a composite list based on client and competitor keywords.

  2. Review Content and Search Engine Submission. Site-wide content is reviewed. If a new language translation is required, we will assist you with that. Content is amended where needed. Site structure is reviewed and, where appropriate, amended. Site map is created. Tags are inspected and revised. Images are inspected and, where appropriate, amended. Meta data is revised and updated. Resulting keyword density is analysed and optimised. Links are created where possible and the inclusion of "SEO by Naxtech" is added where it will enhance results.

  3. Check Rankings, Report and Review. Weekly monitoring and reporting on results.




Pricing - performance based SEO


We only charge based on results. There are 2 cost elements:


One-Off Page 1 Google Results

Naxtech will co-ordinate and/or perform all the work that is required to get you to Page 1 of Google for your "Killer Phrase" for your source market. The one-off fee applies to each search term and source market.


Recurring Fee

Once we have got you to Page 1, there is as much work involved in keeping you there and obviously the higher up Page 1, the better for you and the harder the challenge for us! Therefore incremental fees are incurred for Positions 5th - 1st for every week that we keep you there. This would cost in the region of £700-1000.


If we don't keep you on Page 1, you don't pay a penny!





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